Academic Programmes

The Vienna School of International Studies is a training institution offering postgraduate courses for university and college graduates of all disciplines.


The MAIS programme is a two-year academic programme which centres on the advanced study of politics and international relations, international economics, history, and international and European law. Students have to complete an interdisciplinary thesis in this research-based programme. Equipped with extensive knowledge, strong analytical skills, some language competency, and the experience of an international community, graduates proceed to positions in international organisations, business, and government or to further research and academic careers. The MAIS is a joint Master's degree of the School of International Studies and the University of Vienna.

Cooperative Degree Programmes

The DA has established cooperative degree programmes with

First-year students at the DA have the opportunity to spend a second year in one of the partner institutions, from where, upon the successful completion of the requirements, they are awarded a Master's degree. Each institution maintains control of admission to its programms.

Exchange Programmes

Exchange programmes have been set up between the Vienna School of International Studies and

The exchange programmes with MGIMO and KUGSIS are co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. The exchange programme with Stanford is supported by a grant from the foundation of the former US Ambassador to Austria, Ms Susan McCaw.

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Diploma Programme

The Diploma Programme is a one-year postgraduate training course in the theory and practice of international relations. Emphasis is placed, above all, on interdisciplinarity, the implementation of theoretical knowledge in practice and multilingualism. Diploma Programme students acquire the academic, practical and language skills necessary for a successful career in the international arena.

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PhD Programme

‘Interdisciplinary International Studies’ (IIS) is a four-year programme jointly organised by the Vienna School of International Studies and the University of Vienna. The new programme is open to graduates (Master degree) who wish to pursue a research project linking at least two of the four disciplines legal studies, political science, international economics and history.

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Cooperation programme with TU Wien's Continuing Education Center: Master of Science in Environmental Technology & International Affairs (ETIA)

The two-year ETIA programme is a professional master’s degree programme (Univeritätslehrgang*) that offers the opportunity of studying environmental issues both from the technical and the international relations points of view. This interdisciplinary programme is organised in cooperation with TU Wien's Continuing Education Center. The participants are awarded an academic degree (MSc) of TU Wien. ETIA prepares graduates for high-flying careers as managers and engineers, as well as for political and diplomatic tasks in the fields of environment and sustainable development, where they can rationally assess environmental requirements and actively take part in the shaping of new norms. Professional master programmes like the MSc ETIA focus on professional career development rather than a career in academia.

* = in accordance with §56 of the University Act 2002, BGBl I Nr. 120/2002 as amended

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