Graduation of the 13th MSc ETIA programme and ARA Best Study Awards


On the occasion of the graduation ceremony of the MSc postgraduate programme “Environmental Technology and International Affairs“ (ETIA) the “ARA Best Study Award“ was granted for the twelfth time – the Diplomatische Akademie Wien and the TU Wien congratulate the winners and alumni

On 2 July 2021 the graduation ceremony for the postgraduate programme “Environmental Technology and International Affairs“ (ETIA), a cooperation initiative between the Diplomatische Akademie Wien – Vienna School of International Studies (DA) and the TU Wien (TU), took place in the Festsaal of the Diplomatische Akademie Wien. Sixteen students from eight countries representing three continents participated in the MSc programme over the past two years.

Ambassador Emil Brix, Director of the Diplomatische Akademie Wien congratulated all students that they managed to finish their studies, despite of facing even more challenges than previous years. The students are coming from different backgrounds, but what combines them is that they are interested in the “best of both worlds”, Amb. Brix said. “You learned to understand political and economic implications. And you gained professional expertise in environmental technology”, Brix told the graduates. “Please make sure to carry on as enthusiastically as you started your studies here. Preserve your idealism”, Brix added. As one of the graduates said in his address: “The ETIA programme is about more than well-paying jobs. It’s about our planet and a sustainable future".

Bob Martens, Dean of Academic Affairs for Continuing Education at the TU Wien highlighted the cordial cooperation between the two institutions, “almost like a marriage”. As unique characteristics he emphasised that studying in the programme is not anonymous. Also distinctive is the “international family” and small cohorts, which have enabled the creation of an excellent network, as well as the “female dominance” of this technical programme which will hopefully serve as a role model.

In the course of the graduation ceremony the “ARA Best Study Award“, which awards a total prize money of 20,000 euros, was granted for the twelfth time to the students with the best academic performances. ARA Altstoff Recycling Austria AG is Austria’s leading EU packaging compliance scheme and a non-profit company, using the revenues from compliance fees to organise and finance the collection and recovery of packaging waste in Austria. Christoph Scharff, CEO of ARA, complimented this year’s ETIA graduates on their stunning achievements. The ARA Best Study Award 2021 prize money was split in equal shares between the four best students of their class, with equally brilliant results: Tiziano Alessandri (Austria/Italy), Sarah Bandera (Austria), Victoria Renee Keogh (USA), and Maria Clara Rasinger (Austria).

The Diplomatische Akademie Wien – Vienna School of International Studies and the Continuing Education Center of TU Wien are delighted to extend their congratulations to the award winners and all the alumni.

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