Friday, 13 October 2017 
I 19:00 h I Festsaal

Natural Disaster Prevention

ETIA talks

Eberhard Faust
leading expert on global risk solutions on natural hazards in the Geo Risks Research/Corporate Climate Center, Munich Reinsurance Company
Susanne Hanger-Kopp
Climate Protection & -Adaptation, EU climate adaptation policy, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich-ETH Zürich; Research Scholar Risk and Resilience, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis-IIASA
Christoph Matulla
Senior Scientist, Division Climate, Meteorological Service of Austria-ZAMG; Department of Water, Atmosphere, Environment, University of Natural Resources Vienna
Florian Rudolf-Miklau
Head of Department Torrent & Avalanche Barriers, Austrian Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management; Mountain Risk Engineering, University of Natural Resources Vienna

Magdalena Meergraf
Journalist The GAP, Monopol, Biorama, Kurier Health Extra
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