BÖCK, Maximilian

Postdoctoral Fellow

International Economics

Academic Career

Maximilian Böck is a postdoctoral fellow in International Economics at the Vienna School of International Studies. He completed his PhD at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, where he held a research and teaching associate position and is still associated via research and teaching activities. He taught several courses on macroeconomics, econometrics, and macroeconometrics, both at the Bachelor and Master level. His research appeared in renowned international journals such as the Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control, the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, and the Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Business.

Research Interests

Maximilian Böck’s research interests are in the field of empirical macroeconomics. His work focuses mostly on monetary and financial economics, macroeconomic expectations, and the identification of empirical macroeconomic models. In order to estimate plausible causal effects, economic scholars rely on identification techniques. It is crucial for policymakers to have reliable estimates of the (macro-)economic consequences of their actions. Other topics cover applications of Bayesian econometrics, international economics, and macro-labor economics.


Maximilian Böck offers the following course at the Vienna School of International Studies: Introduction to Quantitative Methods. This class is supported by DataCamp (https://datacamp.com), a learning platform for data science.