New joint University of Vienna and Diplomatic Academy of Vienna PhD


This initiates the new joint “Interdisciplinary International Studies” programme, which especially prepares graduates of the MAIS course (Master of Advanced International Studies), as well as graduates of other relevant master’s programmes, for the PhD programme “Interdisciplinary Legal Studies” at the University of Vienna. The initial stages of the programme involve a one-year “Preparatory Course” to be completed at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna. The programme commences in the academic year 2015–16.


The cooperation between the two educational institutions occurs within the framework of the “Interdisciplinary Legal Studies” PhD programme. Rector Engl believes that “the expansion of the longstanding cooperation between the Diplomatic Academy and the University of Vienna from master’s to doctoral level is an important step for both institutions which will give our students, along with those of the Diplomatic Academy, the opportunity to qualify academically in an important field”. The programme begins in the autumn of 2015 and is conducted entirely in English. Director Winkler adds: “The Diplomatic Academy, with its extremely successful MAIS programme in cooperation with the University of Vienna, has been equipping students to a high standard for a wide variety of international careers for many years. This new PhD programme will create even more new and exciting opportunities for graduates.”


The programme lasts four years, the first of which is the “Preparatory Course” at the Diplomatic Academy. The remaining three years of doctoral studies are spent within the framework of the PhD curriculum “Interdisciplinary Legal Studies” at the University of Vienna. Interdisciplinarity is guaranteed by ensuring a link between at least two subject areas such as law, economics, social sciences or history. Initially, the programme is confined to ten students. Acceptance to the programme is via a joint coordination body, comprising members of both the University of Vienna and the Diplomatic Academy. The new programme is open to graduates of master’s programmes in the fields of law, economics, social sciences and history.


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