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European Studies

Located at the interface between European Studies and International Relations, Patrick Müller’s research is interested in different aspects of the international relations of the European Union (EU) and its member states. Patrick Müller has published widely on subjects related to EU foreign policy and the EU´s role in global governance. Applying a multi-level perspective, his work has explored the role of various actors in EU foreign policymaking, including the roles of trans-governmental networks, of member states, as well as of NGOs.

In terms of thematic issues, his work looked at the EU’s role as an actor in the domain of security and defence, as a mediator in international conflicts and as an actor in global environmental politics. Geographically, his work focuses particularly on the EU’s relations to the Middle East and North Africa. His publications have appeared in leading international journals such as the Journal of European Public Policy, the Journal of Common Market Studies, Global Environmental Politics, the Journal of European Integration, European Security and Comparative European Politics, as well as with major international publishers including Routledge, Palgrave and Oxford University Press.

He serves as the vice-chair of the COST Action ENTER (2018-2022) that involves a network of experts on EU foreign policy from more than 30 countries, examining EU foreign policy in times of growing external and domestic challenges. He is moreover a partner in a Jean Monnet Network Project and has been participating in several previous international and national projects on different aspects of EU foreign policy. His current research is particularly interested in the way previous accomplishments of EU foreign policy cooperation are challenged by internal developments, such as the rise of populism in several EU countries, as well as by international developments, giving rise to de-Europeanization dynamics.

More information on the COST Action ENTER is available at www.cost.eu/actions/CA17119.


Professor Patrick Müller

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Professor of European Studies

"In an increasingly complex and globalised world that is witnessing significant change, the EU needs to engage with a growing range of actors - including international organizations, states and a series of non-state actors - on a wide scope of international issues. Benefiting from research led teaching, students taking EU classes learn about key aspects of the political system of the EU, its institutions and its international relations in a changing world. Simultaneously, students will be exposed to a stimulating, interdisciplinary academic environment that encourages everyone to reach across the disciplines of History, Law, Economics and Political Science to address the complex, multi-faceted international and domestic issues faced by the EU today."

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