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International Economics

Martin Feldkircher's research interests are in the fields of international macroeconomics, monetary policy and Bayesian econometrics. He has developed large multi-country models to quantify the connectivity between countries and applied these techniques to estimate spillovers from changes in euro area and US monetary policy. Other topics cover aspects of the global financial crisis, side effects of monetary policy, forecasting, economic growth and more generally comparative economics.

In 2017 and 2019, he was listed among the top 100 young economists from all economists working in Germany, Austria and the German speaking part of Switzerland according to the prestigious Handelsblatt ranking. He has contributed to numerous articles in leading peer-reviewed journals, such as the European Economic Review, the Journal of Banking & Finance, Journal of Business & Economic Statistics and the Journal of Applied Econometrics, inter alia.


Professor Martin Feldkircher

© privateMartin Feldkircher
Professor of International Economics

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"At the Vienna School of International Studies (DA), we pursue a fact and research-driven approach to teaching economics. This implies that lectures cover the discussion of current policy issues and relate them to cutting edge research in the field of the lecturers’ specialisation. The research orientation at the DA ensures that students are encouraged to solve economic problems early on, and helps in the development of career-relevant specialist and personal skills."

Maximilian Böck

© privateMaximilian Böck
Postdoctoral Fellow

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Research Interests
Maximilian Böck's research interests are in the field of empirical macroeconomics. His work focuses mostly on monetary and financial economics, macroeconomic expectations, and the identification of empirical macroeconomic models. In order to estimate plausible causal effects, economic scholars rely on identification techniques. It is crucial for policymakers to have reliable estimates of the (macro-)economic consequences of their actions. Other topics cover applications of Bayesian econometrics, international economics, and macro-labor economics.

Mr. Böck offers the following course "Introduction to Quantitative Methods" at the Vienna School of International Studies. This class is supported by DataCamp, a learning platform for data science.

Gian-Luca Melchiorre

© privateGian-Luca Melchiorre
Teaching Assistant,
Diplomatische Akademie Wien

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Lydia Lienhart

© privateLydia Lienhart,
Research Assistant,
Diplomatische Akademie Wien

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