Women's Empowerment Program Asia

Tailor-Made Trainings for Female Global Citizen Leaders

The Ban Ki-moon Centre’s Women’s Empowerment Programs offer a unique opportunity to advance young international female global citizens’ potential to promote the Sustainable Development Goals and foster women’s empowerment in their countries of origin by training their communication skills, crisis management and mediation competencies.

The regional focuses intend to create regional alumni networks that will connect the participants even after the trainings have been concluded. Such networks of future female decision-makers seek to strengthen the international relations among the regions to facilitate sustainable international cooperation for today’s and future generations.

Be part of the first Ban Ki-moon Centre Fellowship training for young and dedicated women who strive to be leaders for global citizenship. In 2019 we invite 5 women each of Afghanistan, Cambodia, Korea, and Mongolia to become our Global Citizen Fellows and take part in the first edition of the BKMC Women's Empowerment Program.

Target group • Women
• Age group 22- 35
• National and resident of Afghanistan, Mongolia, Cambodia or Korea
• Prerequisite academic degree: Bachelor's degree or higher
• Academic background: interdisciplinary
• Proven dedication to the Sustainable Development Goals and/or Women's Empowerment
• Minimum level of English language skills: B2
Duration 29 September – 12 October 2019
Certificate Official Certificate of Completion
Application deadline 21 June 2019
Full scholarship Including:
• travel
• accommodation
• health insurance
• alimentation at the Academy
• course programme
• extracurricular activities

Petra Kakuska

T +43 1 505 72 72-116
F +43 1 504 22 65-116
E petra.kakuska@da-vienna.ac.at

Viktoria Holler

T +43 1 505 72 72-139
F +43 1 504 22 65-139
E viktoria.holler@da-vienna.ac.at