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Next stop: Career Calling Vienna (24 October)


On the occasion of the graduation ceremony of the MSc postgraduate Programme “Environmental Technology and International Affairs“ the “ARA Best Study Award“ was granted for the ninth time


DA alumna Anna Maria Trofaier on her career since graduating from the 2nd ETIA Programme in 2010

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In addition to the information on this website, you may also browse the information brochure of the Vienna School of International Studies online.

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Alumni Services

Since 1964, more than 2,200 students from 124 different countries have graduated from the Vienna School of International Studies. To maintain a link between the DA and its graduates, DA's Alumni Office and its alumni association ClubDA offer numerous services for alumni and students alike.

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EU-Ratsvorsitz 2018

Trainings für österreichische Bundesbedienstete

Österreichische Bundesbedienstete kommen im Rahmen des EU-Ratsvorsitzes in vielfältigen Aufgabengebieten zum Einsatz. Unser maßgeschneidertes Trainingsangebot, um Sie optimal auf Ihre Tätigkeiten vorzubereiten, finden Sie hier.

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International Campus

The Vienna School of International Studies is located in a former imperial palace in the centre of Vienna. Students of the Academy come from all over the world and many of them live on campus.

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