Do you have a bachelor's degree and want to launch a successful international career but need a suitable path to get there? The one-year Diploma Programme (DLG) of the Vienna School of International Studies might just be the perfect place to start with its unique combination of postgraduate training in theory and practice of international relations. Emphasis is placed, above all, on interdisciplinarity, the implementation of theoretical knowledge in practice, and multilingualism. Over the course of their DLG year, students acquire the academic, practical and language skills necessary for a successful career in the international arena.

Located in the heart of Vienna, at the centre of history, tradition, politics, culture and diplomacy, the DA is an ideal place to study and analyse European and international developments from many different angles.

In addition, completing the Diploma Programme is strongly recommended as preparation for a graduate-level career in the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs. More information on career opportunities in the Austrian diplomatic service are available at

For more detailed information on the Diploma Programme, please consult the information tabs and documents on this page or contact us. To apply, please visit our application portal at (© Free-Photos auf Pixabay)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Diploma Programme Key Facts

Target group: Graduates (university or college) of all disciplines and nationalities

Language of instruction: English, with some courses in French and German

Start: September

Application deadline:

  • 15 January (entrance exam at Austrian embassies / consulates general)
  • 1 March (entrance exam at the DA in Vienna and online)

Entrance examination:

  • ... at Austrian embassies / consulates general: 26-27 February 2024
  • ... at the DA in Vienna and online: 8-12 April 2024

Decisions: 15 April

Degree awarded: Diploma of the Diplomatische Akademie Wien - Vienna School of International Studies

Duration: one year, full-time

ECTS points: 60

Tuition fee: EUR 14,700 (academic year 2024-25)

Patrick Müller (© DA/Pilo Pichler)

"In an increasingly complex and globalised world diplomats need to engage with a growing range of actors on a wide scope of international issues. This requires a broad skill-set and expertise, including competence in commerce, climate change, terrorism, energy and cybersecurity. The interdisciplinary DLG programme, with its focus on international relations, economics and law provides a unique combination of academic education, skills and language training, together with exposure to the policy world to prepare for a successful international career."

Patrick Müller
Visiting Professor of European Studies, Vienna School of International Studies


Thomas Row (© DA/Pilo Pichler)

"Historical analysis and method is useful as a way of thinking. It has often been said that 'the past is a foreign country'. In this sense, thinking historically is a good training for thinking internationally."

Thomas Row
Professor of History,
Vienna School of International Studies