Graduation ceremony of the 9th ETIA programme – Presentation of the ARA Best Study Award


On July 3, 2017, the graduation of the postgraduate programme "Environmental Technology and International Affairs" (ETIA) took place at the Kuppelsaal of the TU Wien.
18 students from 11 countries participated in the MSc programme.

Prof. Dr. Bob Martens, Vice Director of the Continuing Education Center at TU Wien guided the ceremony. In his welcome he mentioned the advantages of this programme: small cohorts, short duration of study and interdisciplinarity. Ambassador Dr. Hans Winkler, Director of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna expressed his thanks towards the sponsors and highlighted that the alumni may be proud of the highest academic standards opening best opportunities to a professional career.
In his festive speech, Prof. Helmut Kroiss reminded of the basic idea when starting the programme ten years ago: to solve environmental problems by linking policy, science and technology.

Hon.Prof. Dr. Christoph Scharff, CEO of ARA congratulated the three winners of this year's ARA Best Study Award: Erik CAVALLARI, Beatrice FANTACCI and Lisa DELLA PIETRA to their outstanding performance as best students of this year's cohort.

On behalf of the graduates two speakers thanked everyone, especially their families and friends for their support and the Academic Director Prof. Hans Puxbaum for "keeping the ETIA family together".

Impressions of the event can be found in the photo gallery.

The Continuing Education Center of TU Wien and the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna congratulate the award winners and the alumni.