Department of International Economics

Economics is a key building block to understand many of the motivations behind international relations. At the department of international economics, we equip students with a sound grounding in the principles of economics. The core of the economics program offered by the department lies in the field of international economics – a discipline of economics which deals with interactions between economies that arise through trade and financial flows. A high degree of globalisation involves more competition between countries, which typically creates winners and losers in the domestic economy. To understand international policy, it is hence of ample importance to have a solid knowledge of trade policy as well as the international financial system. In addition, the department has a second focus on sustainable development. Students will delve deeper into questions such as what countries, civil society and private actors can do to put economic growth on an environmentally sound footing or why some countries grow faster, while others stay poor.

"At the Vienna School of International Studies (DA), we pursue a fact and research-driven approach to teaching economics. This implies that lectures cover the discussion of current policy issues and relate them to cutting edge research in the field of the lecturers’ specialisation. The research orientation at the DA ensures that students are encouraged to solve economic problems early on, and helps in the development of career-relevant specialist and personal skills."
Martin Feldkircher
Professor of International Economics

Course list academic year 2021-22

Principles of Economics (MAIS) Martin FELDKIRCHER
Principles of Economics (DLG & ETIA) Werner NEUDECK
International Economics (MAIS) Martin FELDKIRCHER
International Economics (DLG & ETIA) Werner NEUDECK
Environmental Economics Tamás KRISZTIN
Advanced Topics in Development Economics Valentin SEIDLER
Seminar: Climate Change Economics and Policy with a Special Focus on Developing Countries Mariya HAKE
Economic growth and development: Selected topics Jesus CRESPO CUARESMA
Principles of Finance Thomas GEHRIG
Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Economics Katja KALKSCHMIED
Economic Growth and Institutions Katja KALKSCHMIED
Econometrics - Quantitative Methods in Economics Jesus CRESPO CUARESMA
Introductory Issues in Economic Development Michael G. PLUMMER
Economics and politics of international migration Rainer MÜNZ
The Economics of the European Union Werner NEUDECK / Aurel SCHUBERT
Seminar: Behavioural Economics Ben GREINER / Kerstin GROSCH
Seminar: International Trade Mauro CASELLI
Seminar: Select topics in money, credit and banking Martin FELDKIRCHER
Seminar: Economic Consequences of Population Ageing Alexia FÜRNKRANZ-PRSKAWETZ