Financing Your Studies

Studying at the DA is a significant investment and requires careful planning. Funding for our graduate programmes is competitive. On average, more than 30 percent of our students receive financial assistance, mostly in the form of partial tuition waivers.

Financial support: Easy application

In general, DA financial assistance is awarded on the basis of academic excellence. However, some scholarships focus on specific subject areas and/or on students from particular regions (e.g. scholarships for DA programmes sponsored by the Austrian Development Agency).

If you seek financial assistance, please download the form provided at The completed form has to be submitted together with your application at

Financial assistance decisions are taken after the review procedure for admissions is complete. Among positively assessed applications, requests for financial assistance are considered. Applicants will receive both results within six weeks of the application deadline.

External Funding

Prospective students are encouraged to explore resources for funding options in their own country as well as in Austria, for instance through the Austrian Database for Scholarships & Research Grants at

More funding resources are listed below.

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