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Studying in Vienna

With the United Nations and other international organisations (IAEA, UNIDO, OSCE etc.) headquartered in Vienna, the city is an ideal place for studying and analysing European developments in the context of global relations. Since 2010 the Mercer Quality of Living Survey has been ranking Vienna as the city with the best quality of living worldwide. With its wide array of cultural events, recreational and sports facilities, Vienna is indeed one of the most congenial cities to live in.

On this page we have collected some information that may be useful when planning to move to Vienna. Please consult the tabs below for the relevant information and tips. 

"For many reasons Vienna provides a great environment for studying. As a student, the efficient and excellent public transport service gets you to different universities, various libraries and of course to the DA and other important institutions. The evident beautiful history and culture is breathtaking, not forgetting the hearty and diverse sumptuous Viennese cuisine. The quality of life and presence of professionals from across the globe and various international organisations provides students with   great learning opportunities. This is definitely a city to spend your student days!"

- Lynette K. Lokuruka, MAIS 23 (2018-20)

"From a culture shock to calling it my home, Vienna is an amazing city. The culture and people always give you something to discover everyday."

- Arthur Sirichena, MAIS 22 (2017-19)

"‘Vienna is a city bursting with the flavours of art, history and culture of its past and present. It is a city big enough to offer international professional opportunities, yet small enough to enjoy nature and the Austrian way of life. Vienna is a city filled with little gems awaiting your discovery." 

- Yentel Yen Ping Love, MAIS 21 (2016-18)

"Modern Vienna, with its centuries of history and culture, is also home to many international  organisations. Its high quality of life guarantees both an attractive learning environment and top professional opportunities. In your free time you can enjoy its magnificent nature, wine specialities and balls, just a few of the many highlights the city offers."

- Maria Jose Alvear, MAIS 20 (2015-17)