Recognised Students

Are you aiming at expanding your knowledge in the fields of International Relations, International Economics, International and European Law or History? Some of our courses are open to students who wish to follow one or a few courses rather than complete a full study programme. This option offers an excellent approach to complement your previously aquired knowledge.  

If you are interested in following a few selected courses of the Master in Advanced International Studies (MAIS) programme for professional reasons, you are welcome to apply for the status of recognised (non-degree) student. A commission decides on the admission of candidates.

For more detailed information about available courses of the MAIS programme, please see the respective programme page or contact us.

To send us your application, please visit our application portal.

Course Fees

Registration fee EUR 295
For each course worth 1 or 2 ECTS credits EUR 565
For each course worth 3 or more ECTS credits EUR 750 (© Free-Photos auf Pixabay)