Historical Studies

How does the past shape our current international relations, law, and system? What can history teach us about alternative modes of political and global structures? In Historical Studies, we focus on how the past impacts our present and can guide our decisions for the future.

Our resident and non-resident faculty cover broad thematic specialties, ranging from courses on the history of international relations, global health regimes to film and music in history. We offer courses on the history of different world regions: as well as functional areas including conflict, culture, and development. In accordance with the DA program, we uphold the interdisciplinary approach in teaching history by exploring how historical analysis can inform our understanding of contemporary economics, international relations, and international law. We explore the historical roots of issues we face now and how societies have historically dealt with problems ranging from war, refugee crises, to climate change.

Course list academic year 2021-22

Evolution of the International System: 1815-1945 Thomas ROW
International History 1775-1945 Emmanuel Paul COMTE
Introduction into Environmental History Verena WINIWATER
Integration and Disintegration of Multinational European States in the 20th Century Arnold SUPPAN
Russia and the State System in Historical Perspective Wolfgang MUELLER
Émotions dans les relations internationales: approches et exemples historiques Thomas ANGERER
Geschichte der Republik Österreich 1918-2020 Barbara STELZL-MARX
Seminar: Perspectives in World History Thomas ROW
Seminar: International Politics and Cinema Hanspeter NEUHOLD & Thomas ROW
Seminar: Ottoman Empire (1652-1919): A Thematic Approach Zeinab AZARBADEGAN
Seminar: Perspectives on European History Martina STEER
Seminar: Thucydides on Imperialism and War Marco CESA
Seminar: Europe as a Cultural Space Alfred PFABIGAN
Seminar: Problems in Modern History and Historiography Thomas ROW
Seminar: Refugees: Past and Present Jana K. LIPMAN
Seminar: Re-thinking Post-War Europe Thomas ROW
Seminar: An Empire of Music: A Musical History of the Habsburg Empire Philipp THER
Seminar: International History of the Middle East 1945-present Simon Barnaby CROWCROFT
Seminar: Ukraine and Its Neighbors in Historical Perspective Katherine YOUNGER