DA delegation at the Model NATO Youth Summit 2014


Each person selected for the team has a distinctive interest in the importance of NATO as a security organization, as well as its unique role in the Euro-Atlantic region. The team chose to represent the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


Great emphasis was placed on being properly prepared for MONYS by the team. This included arranging an informal visit to the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Vienna, where the DA delegation were welcomed by Colonel Robin Mossinkof, the Military Advisor to the OSCE and Defence Attache to Austria, Hungary and Slovakia. The Colonel offered his advice and expertise on how the delegation could prepare adequately to represent the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This included a thorough debrief on the official positions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on such issues as the importance of NATO to the Kingdom as well as their stance on NATO-Russia relations.


The delegation from the DA thought the Summit was extremely successful. Both Ms. Gnatenko and Mr. Hilton received the “Best Position Paper” awards for their thoroughly researched essays prepared prior to MONYS. Each member of the delegation expressed their gratitude to the organizers for such a profitable experience. The team agreed simulations such as MONYS are important for gaining practical experience in diplomatic settings. The team also felt the Summit helped supplement their on-going academic endeavours.