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PhD programme in Interdisciplinary International Studies

‘Interdisciplinary International Studies’ (IIS) is a four-year programme jointly organised by the Diplomatische Akademie Wien - Vienna School of International Studies (DA) and the University of Vienna. The new programme is open to graduates (Master degree) who wish to pursue a research project linking at least two of the four disciplines legal studies, political science, international economics and history.

The target group of the programme comprises particularly qualified graduates who wish to work on an interdisciplinary topic under the guidance of academics from the chosen areas of study. The interdisciplinary character of this Doctoral Programme is based on the combination of at least two of the four disciplines – legal studies, political science, international economics and history – in an academic research thesis project. For further information please contact the DA Registrar's office at phd-programme@da-vienna.ac.at.

During the first year (aka ‘prep year’) the students develop further their research and presentation skills while attending various seminars and courses. After developing their research proposal with the benefit of regular feedback of their supervisors, students start the second year of the programme and move onto the second stage.

Please find a joint faculty list of potential supervisors of the University of Vienna/Vienna School of International Studies under "Downloads".

Fees *
EUR 14,300, financial assistance possible (download request form)
* applies to the first stage of the programme
Programme start
26 September 2022
Application deadline 6 April 2022
Admission results End of May 2022

To apply for the PhD programme, applicants have to

I. register online and fill in the form

II. submit the following list of documents via email to phd-programme@da-vienna.ac.at:

  1. CV/resumé
  2. A research prospectus* (15 pages) which should include:
    a. motivation
    b. the research question
    c. the methodological approach
    d. data sources and bibliographical references
    * This prospectus represents the starting point for the development of the final research proposal. It would be advisable to include a legal component in the research project since the main cooperation partner is the International Legal Studies PhD programme of the University of Vienna.
  3. Previous academic qualifications (final diplomas and academic transcripts of records)
  4. Three reference letters
    Reference letters must be submitted by the referees via email to phd-programme@da-vienna.ac.at or via regular mail to:
    The Vienna School of International Studies
    Registrar's Office
    Favoritenstraße 15a
    1040 Wien/Vienna
  5. Proof of competence in English (in accordance with our application guidelines)

Daniel Berger

T +43 1 505 72 72-125
E phd-programme@da-vienna.ac.at