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Diplomatic Academy Students Initiative (DASI)

Team 2017-18

Lucas STEIGBERGERLucas Steigberger: DASI President, 2017-18

Canada; University of British Columbia, Vancouver, History

After completing a bachelors degree in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia, I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in the international field. A varied upbringing, including time spent in the Middle East and in Europe, had instilled a keen desire in me to learn about the world at large in a more academic setting, with the aim to then transition this knowledge into a more professional environment. Before attending the Diplomatic Academy, I had worked in the programmes management department of an aeronautical engineering firm. Since we were primarily dealing with international private and public sector clients, I quickly learned that having a grasp of international affairs was invaluable to business.

Needless to say, my time at the Diplomatic Academy has given me exactly what I desired. The interdisciplinary nature of our studies instils a refined level of analysis regarding current issues, and the courses on offer allow one to develop strengths in various fields. Most importantly, the diverse student body and the excellent quality of students attending the DA provide highly stimulating discussions, and the chance to develop lasting friendships. And last, but not least, living in Vienna has also proved to be a great experience due to its cultural and historic significance, as well as its culinary offerings.

Frederick VINCENTFrederick Vincent: DASI Vice-President, 2017-18

United Kingdom, Belgium; Clare College, University of Cambridge, Classics (BA Hons)

Growing up in a household of mixed nationality, I have been aware of cultural differences and variety since my formative years. I have long held an interest in international relations and languages; this coupled with the interdisciplinary approach in my undergraduate degree attracted me to the Diplomatic Academy in the first place. In the past year, I have explored a new world of international law, economics and political science. Combined with the general life experience of living (and studying!) in a foreign country were crucial in my decision to apply to the Diplomatic Academy.

The rich variety of courses at the Academy are one of its strengths, allowing students to focus and complement their studies as they see fit. On top of this, it is the opportunities provided by study at the Academy that I particularly value, from attending external conferences to attending skill-seminars, and of course befriending fascinating people from all over the world.

Iris KARABACZEKIris Karabaczek: DASI Treasurer, 2017-18

Austria; Université Pierre-Mendès-France/Université Stendhal, Grenoble, Law and Languages

After completing my Bachelor’s degree in Law and Languages with a focus on international law and international relations, I wanted to broaden my horizons and expand my knowledge in the fields of economics and history. The Diplomatic Academy has allowed me to do just that while also furthering my understanding of Russian and post-soviet politics and environmental law in particular. Furthermore, coming here has allowed me to meet an amazing group of fellow students and friends from all over the world. Hearing of their experiences and perspectives has made a strong impression on me and has sparked my interest in a variety of new topics. This constant incentive to explore new fields as well as the dynamic student life have made for a great first year and I am looking forward to the rest.

Johanna HOHENBERGJohanna Hohenberg: DASI Secretary, 2017-18

Austria; University of Glasgow, History (M.A.)

Originally from Austria I grew up in Germany, the Netherlands, and mainly the UK. After completing my undergraduate studies in History at the University of Glasgow and an internship and the German Bundestag in Berlin I chose to “return” to my “hometown” Vienna. Not only did the prospect of living in this beautiful city appeal to me personally but given my academic background in History the MAIS programme at the DA provided a fitting opportunity to broaden my studies. I have explored new disciplines such as law, economics, and politics, keeping an international approach towards each of these areas.

At the same time, the DA provides an intimate yet stimulating environment with students from all corners of the globe. Having grown up in similar surroundings I not only feel right at home but am also able to make the best of it personally, academically, and professionally.