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Diplomatic Academy Students Initiative (DASI)

Team 2016-17

Owain Richards: DASI President, 2016-17

United Kingdom; University of Cambridge, History (BA Hons)

Although originally from the U.K., I grew up moving between different countries in Europe, the Middle East, and East Africa. I chose to study at the Diplomatic Academy because I wanted to take the opportunity to learn more about international affairs (and a new language) in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. The courses offered by the Diplomatic Academy allow students to pursue a variety of interests and areas in a truly international environment. The interdisciplinary nature of the course has allowed me to supplement by academic background with new areas, including Economics and Political Science. My main interests lie in the Middle East, the European Neighbourhood Policy, and regional security, and I am currently preparing to write my MA thesis on Israeli defence strategy and the role of deterrence.

Cecilia Bernstorff: DASI Vice-President, 2016-17

Germany; School of Oriental and African Studies, London, BA Middle Eastern Studies

My studies at the DA were meant to place my specific expertise of the Middle East into the broader context of international affairs. In the past year, the DA has succeeded in widening my understanding of world politics, law and economics. I have had the chance to attend many interesting courses and have been able to look at issues from different angles.

I not only enjoy the diverse choice of courses, but also the knowledgeable professors and the many external speakers. However, what I cherish the most are my fellow students who all come from various backgrounds with fascinating ideas and ambitions. The experiences in as well as out of the classroom are what makes the DA such a unique place. The community and opportunities encourage and enable me to do my best.

Alexios Seibt: DASI Treasurer, 2016-17

Austria; WU Vienna/CEMS MIM, International Business Administration/International Management

After studying business and working in a car dealership as a finance director, and later in a consulting company as project manager, I decided to broaden my horizons and improve my knowledge of History, Politics/International Relations and Law. It has proven to be the right decision as the Diplomatic Academy not only caters to my hunger for new insights, but it is also a melting pot of students from all around the world with a vast variety of backgrounds, making discussions with fellow students at least as fruitful as the lectures themselves.

Having lived in Vienna for several years, I love coming back and spending time here as the combination of culture, international organizations, rather relaxed atmosphere, as well as all the perks of a bigger city makes it entirely unique. There’s a lot to see and to discover and things change really fast, so you never stop being surprised by great new cafés, museums, shops etc. popping up somewhere.

Mark Bulatovic: DASI Secretary, 2016-17

USA, Serbia; Singidunum/University of Belgrade, Business Administration and Entrepreneurship

Completing my Bachelors in Business Administration gave me the initiative to start my own business which was essentially catering, packaging, and distribution. After capitalizing on the success of my startup I felt it was time to transition. At the Diplomatic Academy I was able to find a variety of courses that were all unique, intriguing, and beneficial for my future career plans.

Regardless, my favorite aspect of the Diplomatic Academy is the dynamic group of students that I have the opportunity to study with. Becoming friends with these amazing individuals from all corners of the globe, to hear their different stories, experience their array of cultures, and what has led them to the DA, made a great impression on me and lends to the reasons why this institution has become one of the finest in Europe. Having lived in multiple cities throughout my life I must say Vienna is my favorite. Its rich history, culture, along with its incredible food made my decision to come here all the better.