Local Chapters

DA - Local Chapters

ClubDA consists of more than 1,400 members from over 100 countries. Therefore, it is one of ClubDA’s main goals to improve our alumni network and organise alumni meetings all over the world. In other words: ClubDA goes global.

So far, eighteen local chapters have been established. Any initiatives by DA alumni who would like to create a ClubDA local chapter in their city are most welcome. Please contact Andreas Ehrmann for that matter.

Our current local chapters and their presidents are:

Location President(s)
Constantin HOLZER 10/2010
Berlin Leoni ABEL 11/2009
Bratislava Stephan GEBESHUBER
Brussels Alenka JASCHKE & Vera KÁDAS 11/2009
Bucharest Vladimir MONTANU & Jürgen HEISSEL 12/2010
Kazakhstan Temir ASSANOV 11/2016
London David SNOWDON 06/2009
Moscow Olga KAMENCHUK 10/2009
Ottawa Birgit SCHEICHL
Paris Marie-Roger BILOA 09/2009
Prague vacant 03/2011
Salzburg/Munich Gisela HEINDL 04/2009
Sofia Evgeni IVANOW 06/2010
Jürgen ANGLEITNER & Olivier NARAY 05/2012
U.S. vacant 11/2009
Vienna Finja DRAXLER & Jasmin PLONER 08/2009
Warsaw Dominik JANKOWSKI 09/2011
Zagreb Silvije CVJETKO 12/2011