Partnership for Capacity Development

Call for Proposals

The Diplomatische Akademie Wien – Vienna School of International Studies (DA) is launching an inter-institutional cooperation project for capacity development, funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation, with the goal of strengthening tertiary education, research and institutional networks in the fields of Diplomacy, International Relations and European Studies across Southeast Europe, the Black Sea Region and South Caucasus countries.

Within the framework of these partnerships, partner institutions will develop and implement projects aimed at sustainably strengthening their capacities in a clearly defined area. The Diplomatische Akademie Wien will provide support through funding and expertise. The precise content of the cooperation is to be outlined by the prospective partners based on their capacity development goals and needs.

The Diplomatische Akademie Wien invites interested academic institutions offering programmes in International Relations, Political Science and/or European Studies from Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Ukraine to submit project proposals for establishing Partnerships for Capacity Development with the DA.

Services of the DA

Within the framework of a Partnership for Capacity Development, the DA stands ready to support partner institutions in areas related to the development of capacities within the DA’s expertise, such as the development of the partner institution’s human resources, or putting in place of efficient organisational structures. Supported measures might target, inter alia, the training of staff, developing the management of an academic institution or improving the organisational and leadership culture. Individual ideas and suggestions from prospective partners are requested. Please note, however, that the DA is not able to provide funding for personnel costs or the procurement of technical assets within the framework of this cooperation.

In addition to the support described above, the DA will also invite representatives of the selected partner institutions to participate in one of our Executive Training Programmes in European and International Affairs for Public Officials and Junior Diplomats from their respective regions (either Southeast Europe or the Black Sea Region and South Caucasus). These training programmes, designed particularly to familiarise participants with the working of the EU, are held during the summer months in Vienna and last 3-4 weeks. They comprise a broad mix of academic analyses, critical discussion, study visits in Vienna, Brussels and The Hague (depending on health and safety restrictions), and the training of soft and practical skills.

Selection criteria

  • The proposed project has to be demand based and meet the partner institutions’ needs, priorities and interests. The DA therefore requests that institutions include a needs assessment in their project proposals, in which they demonstrate the necessity of capacity development in their suggested areas. It would be advantageous to establish a link between the proposed project and existing institutional or national Capacity Development Strategies.
  • Institutions are asked to identify the expected mid-/long-term effects of the proposed Capacity Development activity (sustainability). Who and how many will benefit from the activities planned? Does the project have any gender implications? What measures will ensure a lasting impact of the project after its completion?
  • The costs of the proposed project should not exceed EUR 15,000.
  • The timeframe for a successful implementation of the proposed projects should not exceed one year. The anticipated starting date of the implementation phase is the second quarter of 2021.

Cooperation framework

Successful applicants will be invited to develop cooperation frameworks together with the DA. The framework will outline the contents of the cooperation in detail, including the terms and conditions as well as indicators for monitoring and evaluation. After project completion, partners will submit a narrative report including their monitoring and evaluation results to the DA.

How to apply

Please complete the electronic application form in English and submit it together with a preliminary budget (including own contribution) to

Application deadline: 18 November 2020


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