Diplomatic Academy Students Initiative (DASI)

Team 2018-19

DASI is here to represent students’ interests and concerns to the DA administration, including the Director, the Head of the Academic  Administration, and the House Administration. We are here to help students as much as possible with any issues they have. We help manage the DA’s student committees and societies, work with the administration to improve conditions for students, and represent the student body in meetings.

We organise weekly DASI meetings (open to all students) and a ‘General Student Assembly’ every term. We aim to promote student involvement in DASI and DA life at every level, and we value your participation as members of the student body! The DASI Committee is made up of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Elections for DASI Committee positions are held every year at the end of the third term. Each role is outlined in the DASI Constitution. The DASI also includes the course speakers, who are elected representatives of each course (and each year) at the DA in elections held at the end of October.

Mercedes CORRALESMercedes Corrales: DASI President, 2018-19

Background information
Position at DASI: President
Nationality: Austria
Previous Education: BA in Roman Languages; University of Vienna

Brief description
After completing my Bachelor’s degree in Roman Languages in Vienna, my love for travelling and interest in history led me to enrol into a Master’s Program in World History at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. After finishing this degree, I decided that I wanted to branch out into new fields of study. Having grown up with two different cultures aroused my interest in international relations and politics. After studying historic migratory movements, I wanted to deepen my knowledge further and look at more recent migration flows and their political implications.
The interdisciplinary nature of the MAIS program has allowed me to do that and also to delve into many new and interesting topics. The social events at the DA have given me the opportunity to get to know many amazing people with different backgrounds and the genuine comradery between the students has made me feel at home.

Stefan CIBULKAStefan Cibulka: DASI Vice President, 2018-19

Background information
Position at DASI: Vice President
Nationality: Austria
Previous Education: BSc in Economic and Social Sciences, LL.M.; University of Economics and Business

Brief description
Grown up in Vienna, I completed my Master’s degree in Law, with an emphasis on Business Law and European Law, at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Furthermore, I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Economic and Social Sciences focussing on Ecological Economics and Corporate Finance, which also included a stay abroad at the London School of Economics. In order to further expand my horizon, I chose to study Environmental Technologies and International Affairs at the DA.
I do highly appreciate the interdisciplinary approach of the ETIA Programme, supplementing the classical diplomatic disciplines with sciences, embedded in an international environment. The intercultural interactions I have experienced at the DA are extremely valuable in a world of increasing interconnectedness. My vision for the next year is to further improve the coordination and to represent ETIA within DASI, and to help DASI facilitating the cooperation between the student body and the administration.

Liza GEREBLiza Geréb: DASI Treasurer, 2018-19

Background information
Position at DASI: Treasurer
Nationality: Hungary
Previous Education: BA in Chinese Studies, University of Vienna; BA in Business Administration, Vienna University of Economics and Business

Brief description
Hungarian by nationality, I have always felt very international at heart. I have been living in Vienna since 2010, where I have completed my Bachelor degrees in Chinese Studies and Business Administration. The Vienna School of International Studies 
had appealed to me in the first place because of the huge variety of interdisciplinary courses being offered, and also because my academic background seemed to be perfect to capitalise on for the MAIS Programme. Accordingly, I have been placing my focus on China-related research – setting your individual focus is completely possible and highly advised during your studies here.

I came here with great expectations of and yearning for becoming part of a tightly-knit community. The School of International Studies provides a great platform for creating a network of friendships and connections encompassing literally the whole globe – my expectations thus have been fulfilled, I am extremely grateful for the amasing people I have so far met here.

Salome SVANIDZESalome Svanidze: DASI Secretary, 2018-19

Background information
Position at DASI: Secretary
Nationality: Georgia
Previous Education: BA in Modern Foreign Languages at Notre Dame of Maryland University, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Brief description
Growing up in Austria as a Georgian, I was surrounded by different cultures from a young age. Even before starting my undergraduate studies in Baltimore, I knew that I wanted to pursue my studies in the field of diplomacy and the Diplomatische Akademie Wien is one of the best places for it. In combination with diplomacy, languages are crucial in an international world. That's the reason why I decided to study English, German, and French for my Bachelor's degree.
To be successful in the world of diplomacy, it is very important to be prepared to face challenges in many areas; the Academy offers therefore four main areas, in which students gain very practical knowledge in order to overcome these challenges and this is one of many other factors that I appreciate about this excellent institution. I'm certain that graduating from this Academy will improve my job perspectives in the future.