Diploma Programme

The Diploma Programme is a one-year postgraduate training course in the theory and practice of international relations. Emphasis is placed, above all, on interdisciplinarity, the implementation of theoretical knowledge in practice, and multilingualism. With the Diploma Programme students acquire the academic, practical and language skills necessary for a successful career in the international arena.
Target group
Graduates (university or college) of all disciplines and nationalities
Language of instruction
English, with some courses in German and French
September 2017
Application deadline 1 March 2017 (entrance examination at the DA in Vienna)
15 January 2017 (entrance examinations at Austrian embassies / consulates general)
Entrance examination 27-31 March 2017 (at the DA in Vienna)
20-24 February 2017 (at Austrian embassies / consulates general)
Decisions 15 April 2017
Degree awarded Diploma of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna
Duration one year, full-time
ECTS points 60
Tuition fee EUR 12,500 / academic year 2017-18