Saturday, 02 February 2019 
I 19:30 h I DA Campus

Pacta Sunt Servanda - Agreements Must Be Kept

Charity Ball an der Diplomatischen Akademie Wien

The students of the Diplomatische Akademie Wien have the honour of organising again a Charity Ball in 2019 – a highlight of the Academy’s calendar. As the most distinguished event at the Academy, we expect around 600 guests, including ambassadors, business representatives, friends of the Academy and, of course, our very promising student body. This year’s ball will be organised under the motto “Pacta Sunt Servanda - Agreements Must Be Kept.” Revisiting the era of renaissance, we would be honoured to celebrate the birth of modern diplomacy with you this special evening.

The proceeds from our Charity Ball will be donated to Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe.

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