Health Insurance

Students admitted to the Vienna School of International Studies have to be in the possession of a health insurance valid in Austria (European Health Insurance Card, travel health insurance) upon their arrival at the end of September.

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

In order to have valid health insurance in Austria, EU/EEA citizens need to have the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card).

Once you are in possession of the EHIC, you have access to Austrian Health Service doctors (only in case of illness as routine examinations are not covered by the EHIC) and can be treated free of charge. For prescription drugs EHIC holders have to pay a prescription charge of EUR 6.65 per item.

Self-insurance for Students

Upon expiry of their travel health insurance or the EHIC, students have the possibility to self-insure at the regional health insurance company “Österreichische Gesundheitskasse” (“Student self-insurance”).

At the beginning of the academic year (first week in October), the DA submits to the health insurance company the registration for student self-insurance for all those students who handed in the necessary documents during the registration period (see academic calender).

Cost of student self-insurance

The cost of the student self-insurance amounts to EUR 64.78 per month (plus an annual E-Card fee of EUR 12.70). This insurance covers the usual medical costs. For drugs prescribed by the doctors students have to pay a prescription charge of EUR 6.65 per item at the pharmacy.

The insurance is paid to the health insurance company either monthly by bank transfer or by means of automatic debit transfer system. Should a student fail to pay two monthly payments in a row, the health insurance company will terminate the insurance after sending a dunning letter. In this event the student may not request new health insurance for a period of six months.

The student may terminate the insurance at the end of every month. However, in this case too, the student may not request a new student self-insurance for a period of six months. A termination due to a stay abroad, confirmed by an official termination confirmation (e.g. during the summer vacation), does not lead to a six-month suspension of the student self-insurance.


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