The Vienna School of International Studies is an active publisher of academic works.


Diplomacy-austrian journal of international studies

The ‘DIPLOMACY’ series, published at least once a year, is intended to contribute from an Austrian perspective to a broad debate of international relations, laying an emphasis on issues that are of particular relevance to the understanding of contemporary international problems. 

Based on one of the main pillars of the DA, interdisciplinarity, the authors of the texts are renowned academics, lecturers and professionals from various fields of international studies. Every volume of ‘DIPLOMACY’ also includes a revised version of a selected Master’s thesis of a DA student.

OUT NOW! Vol. 3, No. 1: "Digital Diplomacy"
Open access: "On Equal Footing: The Emerging Field of Tech Diplomacy" by Clara Blume & Martin Rauchbauer [PDF]

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Favorita Papers

Until 2018, the Favorita Paper publications covered substantial reports and contributions from conferences, events and seminars held at the Vienna School of International Studies. The authors of these texts are renowned academics, lecturers and professionals from the field of International Relations. All texts express the authors’ personal opinions and may also be republished at the authors’ discretion.

The name of these publications recalls the former name of the historic home of the School of International Studies - the Alte Favorita palace.

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Publications on the History of the SCHOOL OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES

A Short History of the Vienna School of International Studies

Heinrich Pfusterschmid-Hardtenstein:
A Short History of the Vienna School of International Studies. Training for international careers since 1754 (PDF, 1.754 KB)


Oliver Rathkolb (Ed.):
250 Jahre. Von der Orientalischen zur Diplomatischen Akademie in Wien.
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