Diplomatic Academy Students Initiative (DASI)

DASI Team 2023-24

Laura Mendoza Velandia: DASI President

Laura Mendoza Velandia

Position at DASI: President
Nationalities: Austrian, Colombian
Previous education: Cultural and Social Anthropology

Message from Laura

"Hello everyone! My name is Laura Mendoza, and I am this year’s DASI president. I am half Austrian and half Colombian and grew up in Spain. Before coming to the DA, I studied Cultural and Social Anthropology.

As president of DASI, I represent the students before the administration and the academic chairs and coordinate the work of the DASI Praesidium. This year, we look forward to coordinating several student activities and events to make the DA community and even more active, vibrant, and inclusive space for all."

Navina Hasper: DASI Vice President

Navina Hasper

Position at DASI: Vice President
Nationalities: Germany, India
Previous education: Law

Message from Navina

"Hello everyone! I’m Navina and this year I have the honour to be the Vice President of the DASI. For those of you who don’t know me - let me introduce myself briefly: I’m half-German, half-Indian and studied law in Germany before coming to the DA. As Vice President my main task is managing the societies. I believe that a vibrant student life greatly contributes to our experience at the DA. My aim is to make the societies as inclusive, fun and educational as possible.

I’m looking forward to working with the rest of the DASI team to represent our fellow students. Please feel free to reach out and I’m looking forward to seeing you around the DA campus!"

Mansoor Hussein Ayobi: DASI Treasurer

Mansoor Hussein Ayobi

Position at DASI: Treasurer
Nationality: Afghanistan
Previous education: Political Science (BA) at University of Vienna

Message from Mansoor

"Recognizing the invaluable contribution of DASI to the students’ lives at the DA, I decided to become more actively involved in the further development of this initiative by joining the presidium as the treasurer.

My primary goal will be to efficiently manage the financial affairs of DASI and ensure that the activities of the societies are facilitated promptly and in in accordance with DASI's overall objectives. Together with our exceptional team, we will work to promote greater exchange among students and within the societies."

Carina Karničar: DASI Secretary

Carina Karničar

Position at DASI: Secretary
Nationality: Austrian
Previous education: Sinology; East Asian Economy and Society

Message from Carina

"Hi, my name is Carina. Originally from the South of Carinthia and now a 2nd year ETIA student, I grew up on a small mountain farm in the middle of an Alpine forest and am now passionate about all things surrounding sustainability. As DASI Secretary, I am responsible for communications. In this position, I hope that I can especially keep up the communication of ETIA with the DA and contribute to a positive and inclusive environment on our campus."