Talk by Croatian President and DA Alumna Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović


Grabar-Kitarović talked about the crisis within the EU which undermines the solidarity. On the other hand, it might be a chance for a strategic debate on where the EU wants to go. "Brussels became too much of an excuse" in member countries as well as its neighbours.

She discussed the different statuses of the south-eastern European countries and spoke out in favour of EU enlargement. However, the EU still has to digest the addition of 13 countries and will therefore not admit any new ones during the next five years. „Europe would not be complete and consolidated“ if it would not include the south-east European countries. She also stressed that each of these countries should be judged by its own merits and capacities.


The present students she recommended not to take no as an answer and to believe in themselves. One year ago she was still told that she would never became president. "If I can become president, you can, too." Grabar-Kitarović is not only a graduate of the fifth special course for diplomats from countries in transition from October 1994 until June 1995 at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, but also held the keynote speech at the inauguration of the academic year 2013-14.