Diplomatic Academy Students Initiative (DASI)

Team 2021-22

DASI is here to represent students’ interests and concerns to the DA administration, including the Director, the Head of the Academic  Administration, and the House Administration. We are here to help students as much as possible with any issues they have. We help manage the DA’s student committees and societies, work with the administration to improve conditions for students, and represent the student body in meetings.

We organise weekly DASI meetings (open to all students) and a ‘General Student Assembly’ every term. We aim to promote student involvement in DASI and DA life at every level, and we value your participation as members of the student body! The DASI Committee is made up of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Elections for DASI Committee positions are held every year at the end of the third term. Each role is outlined in the DASI Constitution. The DASI also includes the course speakers, who are elected representatives of each course (and each year) at the DA in elections held at the end of October.

© privateMiriam GRUBER: DASI President, 2021-22

Background information
Position at DASI: President
Nationality: Austria
Previous Education: BA in Transcultural Communication – University of Vienna

Brief description
My talent in communication, my sense of justice and my passion to stand up for what I believe in are what paved my way into the DA and ultimately into the position of DASI-President. Being class-representative all throughout my school years has taught me what it means to be the voice of a collective and my work with people with disabilities has introduced me to a habit of putting others’ needs before my own –  to a healthy extent.

We as your student body representatives want to make a positive long-lasting difference to the DA and its community. Our goals and suggestions for solutions can be found in the DASI manifesto, in which we have carefully evaluated our experiences at the DA so far. My personal mail objectives are to improve the DA in terms of accessibility and transparency, as well as ensuring good and constructive communication between students, professors and administration. I am looking forward to a productive academic year with my team and the whole student body! 

Petra EISCHER: DASI Vice President, 2021-22© private

Background information
Position at DASI: Vice President
Nationality: Austria
Previous Education: MSc Teacher Programme in Latin and Geography and Economics

Brief description
„Ὁ μὴ δαρεὶς ἄνθρωπος οὐ παιδεύεται“ (Menander)

You may think now: “What about these secret letters?” – “The human being, who gets not maltreated, will not be educated.” – At first glance this may seem martially, but when we take a closer look or even think more consciously about it, one can interpret, that by breaking out of our comfort zones we will be able to reach the sky, as the limit of our everyday successes and goals. I want to encourage students to be able to get to know their natural skills and talents by challenging them.

Acting as a junction of all your ideas, matters and wishes, I want to contribute to a satisfied and familiar DA life, where everybody cannot just chase their dreams, but also be the artist.

Studying is one thing, but LIVING OUR LIVES is another. I want you to become pilots of your life to make every decision, every step and every moment on our remarkable earth fully enjoyable.

© privateIris ZERLAUTH: DASI Treasurer, 2021-22

Background information
Position at DASI: Treasurer
Nationality: Austrian
Previous Education: BSc in Business, Economics and Social Sciences

Brief description
While I grew up here in Austria I have always sought to experience diversity through international experiences and have successfully contended for every opportunity to go abroad in my Bachelor’s degree already. Now at the DA, I feel privileged to feel at home in a very international community. Studying ETIA, I have come to value a similar diversity through the multidisciplinary approach on an academic level with DA and TU but also on a personal level bringing people from various backgrounds together. I have especially embraced the DA community, even in times of COVID and cannot wait to experience the next year on campus with everyone.

As part of your DASI team, I will do my best to represent the DA’s student body and its interests, foster our distinctive and strong community and implement our ideas and suggestions as elaborated on in the manifesto. I will always have an open ear and do my best to find constructive solutions quickly, efficiently and to the satisfaction of the student body. Additionally, I as treasurer will be legally and financially responsible for DASI and the club („Verein“), ensuring for example that our extra-curricular activities are well financed. My completed studies in Management, with a focus on Finance, will help me to ensure that for example, clubs and societies have the resources they need to thrive.

© privateNikolaus SCHMIDL-MOHL: DASI Secretary, 2021-22

Background information
Position at DASI: Secretary
Nationality: Austria
Previous Education: BA in Sinology, Magister Juris - University of Vienna

Brief description
Born and raised in Vienna, I am familiar with life in Austria. I spent most of my life here, however, I always longed for international experiences. Therefore, I pursued parts of my double degree in sinology and law in different countries and on different continents – which has ultimately led me to the DA.

Throughout my educational career, I have been part of different student representative bodies and organizations. I first gained experience in representing my fellow students in high school, where I was elected school president. During my studies at the University of Vienna, I continued my representative work and came to co-run a student group. These experiences gave me the opportunity to learn how to represent my peers and advocate for their interests.

As Secretary, communication is my main role. It will be my responsibility to keep the student body informed on important matters pertaining to DA life. I believe good communication is essential, and as your Secretary, I will fulfill this task in a timely and enjoyable manner. Furthermore, together with Miriam, Petra and Iris, I will work hard to implement the ambitious goals we set forth in our policy manifesto.